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Why you should use us: 

  • Save you time researching destinations and sifting through thousands of options
  • Give you personalized recommendations from our experiences, knowledge, and training
  • Be an advocate for you if something goes wrong
  • Transparent pricing for packages 
  • Group Coordination
  • Keep you up to date on current travel requirements and restrictions
  • Payment plan options

How to work with us:

  1. Reach out to us! The best way is to fill out our Travel Request form or email one of our agents directly to get started. Submit your travel request here.
  2. Details. From your travel request form, we may have additional questions so we can customize your vacation specifically to YOU.
  3. Quoting time! We put together quotes based on your travel preferences
  4. You decide what option you like best. Then we can adjust as needed to create the perfect trip
  5. Confirm your vacation with a deposit, names, and birthdays. After deposit, most of the time you’re able to make payments at your leisure until your final payment due date (this can vary depending on the trip, but usually final payment is due around 60 days prior to travel). We are in communication with you between deposit and travel to help book tours/excursions, answer questions, etc.
  6. You TRAVEL!

We can book across the globe 

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♥️ Mode Travel Team


Casey Cole is a travel agent at Mode Travel Agency.

Casey Cole

Destination & Custom Travel Specialist

Janessa Engelhart is a Destination Wedding and Group Specialist at Mode Travel Agency.

Janessa Engelhart

Destination Wedding & Group Specialist

Katie Rahr Kapel is the owner and founder of Mode Travel Agency.

Katie Rahr Kapel

Honeymoons & Romance | Luxury Specialist | Family Vacation Enthusiast

Lindsey Runck is a travel agent with Mode Travel Agency.

Lindsey Runck

Customer Service & Tropical Travel Specialist

Brie Fredman is an operations manager with Mode Travel Agency.

Brie Fredman

Operations Manager | Customer Service | Tropical Travel Specialist

Meagan Childers

Travel Assistant | Customer Service

Stephanie Lais is a travel assistant with Mode Travel Agency.

Stephanie Lais

Travel Assistant

Leandra Zeller is an Independent Travel Consultant at Mode Travel Agency.

Leandra Zeller

Independent Consultant (contractor partner) ~ Disney & Universal Park Specialist, Tropical Vacation Specialist

Robin Schultz

Independent Travel Consultant (contractor partner) ~ Vacation & Cruise Specialist

Alicia Weigel is an Independent Travel Consultant with Mode Travel Agency.

Alicia Weigel

Independent Travel Consultant (contractor partner) ~ Group Travel Planner, Destination Weddings, Journey Enhancer

Katie Franks is an independent travel consultant with Mode Travel Agency.

Kate Franks

Independent Consultant (contractor partner) ~ Romance, Luxury, Family & Group Travel Advisor

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