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Family Reunion

Bring people from your family tree together with a trip and create memories to tell future generations about. Make it extra special by visiting your ancestral homeland and uncover the past together!


Give grandparents, parents, and children all a chance to connect and laugh together in a fun new destination catered specifically to families of all ages.

Destination weddings

With families and friends spread throughout the world, it is likely that many of your guests and wedding party will have to travel regardless of your wedding’s location. Why not meet you in paradise and enjoy a vacation at the same time?

Corporate Incentives

Give your team a new reason to raise and meet their sales goals! Celebrate their successes with a chance to relax and recharge their drive to achieve.

Friends & Family

Whatever your reason to take a trip, do it with the ones you love! Even better - make it reoccurring, so you all have something to look forward to.

Themed Itineraries

If you love to meet new people and love to travel, you might just love a guided themed itinerary! Find a group to backpack with, or a group who loves to bike, or perhaps a group that likes to eat and drink - there is a fun new experience for everyone on a themed itinerary.

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