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07 Sep, 2022

Ahoy there past, present and future sailors! When it comes to cruises Virgin Voyages knows how to do it right. Whether you’re indulging in the dining experiences created by a Michelin starred chef, stepping into the unconventional and modern romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet, spending a day or two at the Redemption Spa relishing in a much needed massage or dancing your way down a pathway full of beautifully yet alluring lights to the Maner. Virgin Voyages has it all and it is beautifully done; everything is shipshape, if you will. The Scarlett Lady is anything shy of a luxurious and thrilling superyacht. They pride themselves in sustainability by banning single use plastics and ethically sourcing the food on board.
Once you step on the ship and head towards your cabin, you’ll find that everything; including your quarters are designed to anticipate your needs in the most sophisticated of styles. The lighting alone in your cabin will adjust to the time of day based on where the ship is currently located in the world and then create an atmosphere reflecting the beautiful purple and gold hues of the sunset during the evening.
I like to describe myself as a Foodie Connoisseur, I may not have any “official” certification, but let's just say that I’ve never been one to turn down a dish, especially if it was created by a Michelin starred chef. So, as you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world aboard the ship and immersing myself in different types and cultures of food. I indulged in wine and handmade pasta at a trattoria inspired Italian restaurant, played a soju drinking game with fellow sailors and had Korean BBQ, ordered one of every small plate at an upscale Mexican restaurant while I washed it down with one of the best margaritas and lastly, I put on my lab coat and stepped right into the most sophisticated science lab with beakers and all for a 6 course meal that encouraged me to think about my food from a new perspective. If that isn’t fine dining, I don’t know what is!
As the trip came to an end, Virgin Voyages went out with a bang. The morning before we headed back to our original port, they were busy decorating the entire ship for one of the most exhilarating, creative and immersive onboard parties telling the story of the “Scarlet Night”. Everywhere you looked was a sea of red. Every sailor brought out their best red outfit and the familiar faces that were once like ships that pass in the night became your friends. The night transformed into a euphoric exaltation full of dancing, singing and conversing about the last few days and the adventures that followed. It was a night to remember and closed out the week on the highest note.
Now, I personally could go on all day about this cruise, but I think that would ruin the mystery. Because with Virgin Voyages they love luring their sailors with exciting and well thought out food, design and entertainment, leaving you hungry for more. Once you do one sail, you will be hooked and looking for the next adventures aboard the Scarlett Lady.
With that said,
Fair winds and following seas, Sailors!

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