Pack Up with Meagan!

Pack up with Meagan

19 Oct, 2022

Have you ever taken the time to pack your suitcase neatly and then when you get to your destination, open your suitcase and it looks like someone threw it down a flight of stairs? I have! Being an avid traveler and someone who likes to stay organized, through trial and error I have found and developed, what I consider, the perfect technique to staying organized while traveling!

On one hand, traveling is adventurous, fun and exciting; on the other hand, it can be so stressful, chaotic and unorganized. Whenever I travel, I make sure that my carry on is durable, easy to carry and has lots of pockets. You’ll find me with my favorite backpack. It has multiple compartments and pockets which are great for holding my laptop and iPad securely. In my carry-on you’ll always find a makeup bag with tissues, sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, Tide pen, gum, ChapStick, and extra hair ties. It's important to have a little emergency kit, especially for those long flights. I also keep a small travel blanket. I tend to get cold on planes and bringing my own blanket is at the top of my packing list! On the side pocket, you’ll find an empty reusable water bottle. I love bringing a water bottle because let's be honest, airport water bottles are pricey and the ones on the planes are too small and easy to spill. I have definitely spilled my water cup on myself once or twice. Bringing a little cosmetic bag with over-the-counter pain meds, eye drops, or tums has been a life saver in the past. You never know if the change of pressure and altitude will trigger a nasty headache. If you are someone that isn’t too tech savvy and likes to keep hard copies of your tickets and itinerary, then I recommend getting a travel passport wallet. You can find these on Amazon for a good price! These wallets are better than a regular wallet. It has a slot for your passport and credit cards. It is also long enough to slide your boarding passes in. If you’re anything like me, someone who checks their purse 12 times before leaving to make sure I have all my important documents and cards, this wallet is really the perfect thing to keep everything together in one place and it is great for your sanity!

Now that our carry on is set. Our checked bags are where all the fun is. My absolute favorite product is my collapsible packing cubes. I have a set of 8 unique sized bags to help keep my suitcase organized. I tend to be an over packer, especially if I am traveling somewhere tropical. The packing version of me thinks I need 12 different outfits for a five-day trip. Using these cubes helps me put more thought into my outfits and keeps me from packing things I won’t need or wear. Each cube is designated for the type of clothes; tops, bottoms, under garments and even a shoe bag to keep your things clean. Everything fits perfectly into your suitcase so if it does, theoretically, fall down a flight of stairs, everything will stay contained and neatly organized.
When it comes to traveling, I am a planner. I like to get a head start and make sure I am set for all the curve balls I might be thrown while in route. That way when I get to my destination it will be easier to find things and I can take a deep breath and enjoy my vacation!
Happy Organizing!



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