Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian Island...

Kauai Landscape

21 Sep, 2022

 Aloha `auinala Travelers! Today let’s grab our favorite tropical cocktail and venture across the

seas to a beautiful Hawaiian island. Most travelers think of Oahu or Maui first when they hear
Hawaii. While both are beautiful and unique in their own ways, my favorite island is Kauai. One
of the best parts of Kauai is the small-town vibe that really takes “Hawaiian Time” seriously.
Kauai is the oldest of the main islands and its rich in history and scenery to show for it. The
beaches are hugged by beautiful, lush cliffs that set the stage for the most dramatic sunsets. The
views are truly heaven on earth.
If you are a Disney Fan or someone that loves the movie Lilo and Stitch, you’ll be excited to
visit Hanapepe; the humble town the infamous movie was based on. Hanapepe is probably one of
Kauai’s best kept secrets. Spend the day exploring the beaches and taking a stroll on the
swinging bridge over the river for some cute shops. Before you leave, stop in at Lappert’s
Hawaii Ice Cream and order the Big Island Inspiration in a waffle cone. You’ll thank me later!
My advice, don’t limit yourself to staying on land! Take to the skies in a helicopter ride to get
some of the most breath taking and awe-inspiring views. The helicopter tour is the perfect way to
get the most picturesque views of Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast and waterfalls hidden in
the mountains just behind the mist.
My first time in the Hawaiian Islands I was 4 years old, and my parents used to always say I was
a little fish. My favorite thing to do was snorkeling with my dad. We would gather our gear, sit
on the shore and squeeze our feet into our fins. “Hurry, hurry Dad”! It felt like hours waiting for
him to put all his gear on. My dad’s gear included and was not limited to; fins, goggles, snorkel,
an underwater camera for blurry photos of fish, which are some of the best photos, and a pocket
full of Triscuits. Yes, Triscuits crackers. My dad thought he had cracked the secret code to
becoming the closest thing to Aquaman. Wielding the fish one cracker at a time; he was on to
something, though. The crackers attracted some of the most beautiful fish. Everywhere you
looked there was a school of them swimming all around us. To some, that might be a little
uncomfortable, but I think that’s why I grew a curiosity and love for marine life. After you take
the skies, grab your snorkel gear and maybe some Triscuits in your pocket and see what's below
that beautiful blue water. If you ever want to feel humble or make your troubles seem so small,
look out across the vast seas and below. It’s another world worth appreciating and glorifying.
There is so much to do across all the Islands. But like I said before, Kauai is my absolute favorite
island because of the raw and untouched beauty. There is something just so magical that you just
need to experience it for yourself.
Mahalo and Aloha Dear Travelers


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