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Katie Rahr Kapel - Mode Travel Agency
Katie Rahr Kapel
Honeymoons & Romance | Luxury Specialist | Family Vacation Enthusiast

"I do what I love and have a passion for every day.  I began my career in travel in 1998, coordinating both domestic and international corporate travel for various world-wide companies.  In 2005, I decided to further pursue my passion by switching to the leisure end of the industry.  My first trip to Hawaii in 2006 is what motivated me to help as many people as possible see this beautiful world with the ones they love. With 20 years of experience and dozens of certifications, along with ongoing destination training, I am dedicated to helping others find the vacation of their dreams that is truly customized to you, whether you are traveling as a couple, family, or group of friends.  I genuinely enjoy getting to know my clients and love the suspense of not knowing which resort or destination will win in the end as I further qualify each potential client for their destination wedding, honeymoon, or family vacation.  I am here to save you time, answer your questions, take care of the details, and make this a vacation you will never forget.  In between planning trips, I am busy with my 3 boys and husband in Fargo, ND., bouncing around from basketball, baseball, and football.  Our favorite family vacations include Maui and Riviera Maya, Mexico. We love relaxing nature of Maui, where we can truly enjoy each other during a brief escape from work and school.  Mexico was wonderful with 3 growing boys, as 'all you can eat' was a big hit with them.  I travel extensively to create relationships with resort management to help create the best experience possible for each client, as well as stay up to date with the most popular resorts and educate myself on the new up and coming areas and properties.  I would love to help you plan and talk you through some travel options!  For your convenience, today's travel planning can be done primarily digitally but know that our mission is to still keep the personal touch!"  


Get to know Katie:

Katie's Favorite Couples Destination: Negril, Jamaica & Napa Valley, California

Katie's Favorite Family Vacation: Maui + Riviera Maya, Mexico (so far!)

Where Katie has traveled to: Jamaica, Bahamas, Mediterranean Cruise, China, Dominican Republic, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Various cities in Florida, California, Dallas, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Napa Valley, Alberta, Italy, Spain, France, European River Cruise, Cabo San Lucas, Tahiti and Bora Bora.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Katie Rahr Kapel, Owner & President of Mode Travel Agency, Inc. | Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist & Family Vacation Enthusiast

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Phone: 701-200-3986

 Lindsey Runck - Mode Travel Agency
Lindsey Runck
Disney, Florida, & Tropical Vacation Specialist | Customer Service

My love of travel started when my mom took my brother and I to Florida. This was a vacation full of firsts for me, from the plane ride to seeing the ocean. My parents brought us on many road trips around the US and I hope to be able to start doing the same with my children as it was a wonderful childhood memory for me. I was luckily enough to marry a man who also loved to travel, we took our first vacation as a couple to Negril Jamaica for our honeymoon and from that point on we were hooked on traveling. I've been married to Derek for 11 years!! We have 2 children Brodie (13) and Stella (7) and a grey cat named Millie. We enjoying going to the lakes, attending all of Brodie's sports functions soon Stella's too and going to MN Vikings and NDSU Bison football games. I am really excited to see where this career will take me next! 

Get to Know Lindsey:

Lindsey's favorite Couples Destination: Jamaica and Antigua

Lindsey's favorite Family Vacation: Mexico and Florida

Where Lindsey has traveled to: Jamaica, Bahamas, Cruise to Bahamas and Key West, Costa Rica, Mexico - 9 times so far, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Hawaii, Disney World, Seattle, Chicago, Florida, Arizona 

Lindsey's bucket list: Bora Bora, The Maldives, Thailand, Ireland, Spain, Seychelles the list goes on and on

Why Lindsey became a travel agent: I love to travel myself and I love to help clients plan their own dream vacation.

What Lindsey does in her spare time: I enjoy going to the lakes, spending time with my husband and kids, Viking games and traveling!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas and my Birthday

About Lindsey's Life: I have been married to Derek for 11 years, we have a 11 year old boy and 6 year old girl and our cat Millie. We live out in the country near Mapleton, ND. My son has recently been getting involved with many sports so we are busy going to baseball, football and basketball!

Contact Lindsey:

Phone: 701-200-3986

 Brie Fredman - Travel Assistant
Brie Fredman
Operations Manager/Customer Service

When I left my hometown of Milaca Minnesota to go to college at NDSU, I didn’t even have a passport; two and a half years later, I have traveled to 11 different countries and stepped foot on four continents. One day I hope to reach all of the continents and all of the states of the US. I have a passion for experiencing new things, whether that be in food, culture, fashion, or destinations I am willing to try just about anything. My life motto is to do whatever I can to be happy all of the time. Traveling is one of the pieces that makes my life fun and exciting, and I hope to continue traveling for the rest of my life!

Get to know Brie:

Brie's Favorite Destination: Although I have loved all of the places I’ve been to for a variety of reasons, Greece has been my favorite overall because on top of the visual beauty of the landscapes, the people were fun, laid back, and accommodating. There is a plethora of history, sightseeing, and leisure activities that all types of travelers can find something to enjoy. 

Where Brie has traveled to: Brazil, China, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Canada,Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Dominican Republic  

Brie's Bucket List: New Zealand, Africa, Antarctica, Thailand, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, India, Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico, Bora Bora 

Brie's Favorite Holiday:  Christmas is my favorite because I love to spend time with my family, and this is the only holiday all of my family gets together. 

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Casey Cole - Travel Specialist
Casey Cole
Destination & Custom Travel Specialist | Asia & Europe Vacation Enthusiast

Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my biggest life passions is traveling. I love researching new destinations and going places I've never been before. Growing up my family was constantly taking road trips. We were either on our way to go camping or fishing. Traveling was instilled at a very young age. Naturally, this lead me to study Travel and Tourism in college. While I was attending SCSU, I accepted an internship to work at a hotel in Guangzhou, China. This trip changed my life. During my year long solo adventure overseas, I met and got engaged to my now husband! We've been married for over five years and currently reside in West Fargo. I started working in the hotel industry in 2010 and fell in love with getting to know people and their stories. After five years of climbing the ladder in hotel sales, I wanted to make a change and move from the corporate side of things to pursue my passion for travel. I am so excited to help people make their dream trips a reality! 

Get to Know Casey:

Casey's favorite couples designations: Koh Phangan and Phuket, Thailand, Riviera Maya, Mexico, and Paradise Island, Bahamas

Where Casey has traveled to: I've traveled extensively throughout China and Thailand as well as other countries including the Bahamas, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico,Turkey, Dominican Republic, Cabo San Lucas and Hawaii. As far as domestic travel goes, I've been to every state west of the Mississippi river (aside from Alaska) and also Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Florida.

Casey's bucket list: My bucket list is never ending. After hiking Angel's Landing a few years ago, I've developed a love for adventure travel, currently my bucket lists includes: All US National Parks, Iceland, Norway, Peru, Alaska, Croatia, Spain, Patagonia, Japan, Vegas/California National Park Road Trip, New York, Myanmar, Dubai, Bali, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and New Zealand 

What Casey does in her spare time: You can find me hanging out with friends and family, taking road trips, camping, hiking, taking pictures, listening to podcasts, going to the casino with my mom, and planning my next trip! 

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 Janessa Peterson - Mode Travel Agency Agent
Janessa Peterson
Destination Wedding & Group Specialist

I grew up in Devils Lake, North Dakota and have spent my entire life enjoying the natural beauty of our state. As much as I love North Dakota, there is an amazing world out there just waiting to be explored. I discovered my passion for travel while working for Delta Vacations. Throughout my 7 years in the tourism industry I traveled everywhere and anywhere I could. The fun part about my travel ‘bucket list’ is that it never gets any shorter! It is my purpose in life to help others ignite and fuel their own passion for travel whether that means relaxing on a beautiful beach, exploring the Costa Rican rainforests or unveiling the history of Europe. In spare time my dog, Ted, and I like hiking, camping with family & friends, golfing, and of course watching the Seattle Seahawks!  

Get to Know Janessa:

Janessa's favorite Couples Destination:Puerto Vallarta, Mexico & Nassau, Bahamas

Janessa's favorite Family Vacation: Mexico & Jamaica

Where Janessa has traveled to: Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, & Negril - Jamaica, Bahamas, Punta Cana - Dominican Republic, Curacao, Oahu, Maui, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Riviera Maya - Mexico, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg - South Africa, 20 US States, 3 Canadian Provinces and counting! 

Contact Janessa:

Phone: 701-200-3986


Alicia - Travel Consultant
Alicia Weigel
Independent Travel Consultant (contractor partner under Mode Travel Agency, Inc)
Group Travel Planner, Destination Weddings, Journey Enhancer

I have always been passionate about traveling since my very first flight at 15 to Orlando and I have always owned some kind of business. Starting in 2005, I owned and operated the largest wedding and event planning company in the Dakota regions. After planning hundreds of weddings, both local and destination, I decided to hang up my headset and spend more time with my family. I began a career in software sales that allowed me to travel worldwide. Since then, I’ve been logging hundreds of thousands of air miles and seeing the sights of nearly every major US City and Canada as well as some far away! Johannesburg South Africa and Paris, France have been a couple of major highlights! If you’re looking for a safari, I have some great recommendations! Mexico is my favorite place to relax. I love a great beach and a frozen drink and you can’t beat a trip to the Riviera Maya. I have been there over a dozen times J Planning for large groups isn’t just a passion, it’s a lifestyle for me. I love figuring out the logistics of a big trip for a lot of people, and my friends love me for that! I also organize a great deal of corporate travel. When I’m not in a Delta terminal, I make a great chauffer for my husband and two boys and their sports careers – Wrestling, Baseball, Basketball and Football rule in our house! Along with my French Bulldog, Waffles, you’ll find me on a court, mat, or field when I’m not at my computer. I love to design trips that ensure each client has a personalized experience of their destination. I know vacations are a big investment and I want to make sure clients get the most out of the time away from the office!

Get to know Alicia:

Alicia's Favorite Couples Destination: Riviera Maya, Mexico & Johannesburg, South Africa

Alicia's Favorite Family Vacation: Disney World What Alicia does in her spare time: I love planning parties, going to the lakes, decorating and interior design along with cooking and writing

Where Alicia has traveled to: South Africa, France, Bahamas, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Banff, Calgary, Vancouver BC, Toronto, Niagara Falls Canada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and most major cities in the US

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Robin Schultz - Travel Consultant
Robin Schultz
Independent Travel Consultant | Cruise Specialist (contractor partner under Mode Travel Agency, Inc)

At age 16, I boarded a commercial flight for the first time.  A trip to Disney World ignited a passion for travel that has yet to be extinguished.  After spending 10 years as a travel agent, I took a break to spend more time with my family and explore other careers.  Nothing seemed to peak my interest like travel though.  Now I’m back and so excited to be in partnership with Mode Travel Agency.  My husband Kelly and I live in the small town of Corona, SD.  We have 2 daughters.  Katelyn is pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and Baylee is a Sophomore in college majoring in history.  That leaves this momma with an empty nest and a perfect time to immerse into travel. 

Get to know Robin:

Robin’s favorite destination:  Hawaii.  I’ve been to 4 islands, but my favorite is Maui where my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year. 

Favorite couples destination:  Anywhere a cruise will take you!  Why enjoy one destination, when a cruise can take you to several ports of call. 

What does Robin do in her spare time:  Must of my time is spent traveling to visit my daughters.  In the summers, I enjoy playing softball and spending time on the paddle board. 

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